Fixed Deposit Calculator

This Fixed Deposit calculator is used to calculate the estimated amount of total interest you will earn based on Fixed Deposit interest rate. The customer enable to select two types of Fixed Deposit such as Monthly Interest Withdrawal and Interest Withdrawal at Maturity.


1. Select Fixed Deposit Type: Monthly Interest Withdrawal or Interest Withdrawal at Maturity

2. Select Currency: KHR, USD or THB
3. Input Amount
4. Select Calculate for (Months) 

Fixed Deposit Type  :   
Currency  :   
Amount  :   
Calculate for (Month)  :   
Annual Interest Rate  :     
Withholding Tax  :     
Total amount will be  :   

Note : 
- This calculator is designed for an indication purpose only and some change might be applied.
- This calculator is applied for only the individual resident customer.
- Withholding Tax is required by the Kingdom of Cambodia's law.
- For our services requirements and more information, please contact our nearest branch or  Call Center.

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