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Seasonal Loan

The Seasonal Loan (SNL) is designed to support farmers and traders in agriculture activities such as animal raising, fishing, agri-business, and relevant agriculture productions.  This loan provides clients who have a reliable and stable source of income and strong collateral, but their income-based activities are on a seasonal basis rather than a steady monthly income.

LOLC’s Seasonal Loan offers clients a number of key benefits:

  • A reasonable interest rate, calculated based on outstanding balance.
  • Convenient option to apply for and repay loan at nearest LOLC office or any money transfer agents which has been incorporated with LOLC.
  • Flexible loan terms and repayment plan that are catered to your need.

SNL is designed for adapting to the needs of our clients by allowing several options of repayment modes:

  • Fixed installment (monthly interest and principal repayment)
  • Semi-balloon (monthly interest repayment and the principal repayment based on cash flow analysis and mutual agreement),
  • Balloon (monthly interest repayment and the principal repayment at the end of the contract),
  • Annuity, or
  • Flexible annuity.
CurrencyLoan SizeInterest Rate Per MonthLoan Term
KHRup to 120,000,000reasonable interest rate3 – 72 months
USDup to 30,000reasonable interest rate3 – 72 months
THBup to 1,200,000reasonable interest rate3 – 72 months


Processing fee is charged 1%-7% per cycle.


  • Be a majority aged 18 to 70 years old
  • Permanent resident
  • Have a legal business and regular income
  • Have a good record and be reliable
  • Have enough capacity to repay the loan
  • ID card and family book, or resident book, or birth certificate
  • Agree to the loan term & conditions.

How to apply:

To apply for Loan, client shall follow these simple steps:

  • Talk to a LOLC staff in your area or at the nearest LOLC office or via call center 023 991 991.
  • Request a specific amount and term based on your needs.

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