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Bakong system or Bakong refers to a real-time electronic payment system which enable customer to perform transactions among bakong members such as transfer fund between Bakong accounts, transfer fund from Bakong account to bank account or E-Wallet, make payment via QR Code, and receive money from other Bakong accounts. 


  • Perform transaction through smart phone (iOS or Android)
  • Access any time (24/7) and anywhere 
  • Convenient, fast and secured
  • Easy to pay for goods and services 
  • Transfer fund between Bakong account or  transfer fund from Bakong account to bank account or E-Wallet account.

Product Features:

No Feature    Description 
1           Currency 
KHR​​ and USD 
2 Maximum Amount Limitation Per Transaction and Per Day
 Basic Customer:
     2,000,000 KHR and 500 USD
  Partial KYC: 
    12,000,000 KHR and 3,000 USD
 Full KYC: 
    40,000,000 KHR and 10,000 USD
Remarks: There is no limitation on number of transaction per day. 
3 Initial Deposit and Minimum Balance
 Not required 
 4 Interest Rate 
There is no interest rate for Bakong account (0%)
5 Transaction Types/Functions
  • Transfer fund between Bakong account (Send)  
  • Transfer fund from Bakong account to bank account or E-wallet (Deposit)
  • Make payment via QR Code (QR Pay) 
  • Receive money transfer from Bakong account (Receive)
  •  And other transactions.

Fee Charge:

The service is free of charge for any transactions.


  • Customer is require to register under LOLC (Cambodia) 
  • Have smart phone (iOS or Android)
  • Have NID or passport 
  • Have phone number 
  • Agree with the terms and conditions of using Bakong App

How to Register:

  • Have smart phone (iOS or Android) connected to internet
  • Customer is required to download Bakong App from App Store   or Play Store 
  • After install, customer has to register in Bakong App by following each steps

Bakong Top Up:

  • Customers are able to top up into Bakong account through iPay Cambodia or Internet Banking or visit any LOLC branch.
  • Bakong top up is free of charge.
  • Other conditions may apply.

Bakong Members (As of December 2021):

No Bank/MDI
 1 ACLEDA Bank Plc.
2 Advanced Bank of Asia Limited 
3 AMK Microfinance Institution Plc. 
4 Bank for Investment and Development of Cambodia Plc. 
5 Cambodia Post Bank Plc. 
6 Canadia Bank Plc.  
7 Chip Mong Commercial Bank Plc. 
8 Chief (Cambodia) Commercial Bank Plc.  
9 Foreign Trade Bank of Cambodia  
10 LOLC (Cambodia) Plc.  
11 Phillip Bank Plc.  
12 Phnom Penh Commercial Bank  
13 Prasac Microfinance Institution Plc. 
14 Prince Bank Plc. 
15 Sathapana Bank Plc. 
16 Speed Pay Plc. 
17 True​Money Cambodia​​ Plc. 
18 Vattanac Bank 
19 WB Finance Co., Ltd 
20 Wing (Cambodia) Limited Specialize Bank 
21 Hattha Bank 
22 E-Money Payment Solutions Plc. 
 23 Cambodian Public Bank Plc.
 24 Maybank (Cambodia) Plc.
 25 Ly Hour PayPro Plc. 
 26 Kookmin Bank Cambodia Plc.
 27 iPay88 (Cambodia) Plc.
 28 Shinhan Bank (Cambodia) Plc.
 29 Amret Plc.

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