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Fast Payment Service

Fast Payment Service (FAST) is an initiated by the National Bank of Cambodia and in cooperation with commercial banks and MDIs in order to provide convenience and safe service of transferring or receiving money under FAST members.


Enables customers to transfer or receive funds cross Banks/MDIs under FAST members

Product Features

No Feature Description
1 Currency KHR
2 Condition Sender/Receiver is required to have savings account with LOLC and other Banks/MDIs under FAST members
3 Maximum Transfer Amount per Transaction KHR 40,000,000
4 Maximum Transfer Amount Per Day Unlimited
5 Account Balance Customer is required to have sufficient balance to transfer

Fee Charge

Condition Description
Free Charge ≤ KHR 4 millions: KHR 4,000
> KHR 4 millions to 20 millions: KHR 8,000
> KHR 20 millions to 40 millions: KHR 12,000
Send is responsible for paying fee


  • To have SA
  • Receiver must have account with other banks/MDIs under FAST members
  • Download iPay Cambodia/ e-Banking/Internet Banking

FAST Members (as of September 2020)

No Bank/MDI
1 ACLEDA Bank Plc.
2 Advanced Bank of Asia Limited
3 Agribank Cambodia Branch
4 AMK Microfinance Institution Plc
5 Amret Microfinance Institution Co., Ltd.
6 ANZ Royal Bank Cambodia Ltd.
7 Bangkok Bank Public Company Limited, Cambodia Branch
8 Bank for Investment And Development Of Cambodia Plc
9 Bank of China Limited Phnom Penh Branch
10 Booyoung Khmer Bank
11 Cambodia Asia Bank Ltd.
12 Cambodia Mekong Bank Public Limited
13 Cambodian Commercial Bank Ltd.
14 Cambodian Post Bank Plc.
15 Cambodian Public Bank Plc.
16 Canadia Bank Plc.
17 Cathay United Bank(Cambodia) Corp.,Ltd.
18 CIMB Bank Plc.
19 First Commercial Bank Phnom Penh Branch
20 Foreign Trade Bank of Cambodia
21 Hattha Kaksekar Limited
22 Hong Leong Bank (Cambodia) Plc.
23 ICBC Bank Limited Phnom Penh Branch
24 Kasikorn Bank Public Company Limited
25 Kookmin Bank Cambodia Plc.
26 Kredit Microfinance Institution Plc
27 Krung Thai Bank Public Co., Ltd.
28 LOLC (Cambodia) Plc.
29 Maybank (Cambodia) Plc.
30 Mega International Commercial Bank Co.Ltd. Phnom Penh Branch
31 Phillip Bank Plc.
32 Phnom Penh Commercial Bank
33 PRASAC Microfinance Institution Limited
34 RHB Indochina Bank Limited
35 Sacom Bank Phnom Penh Branch
36 Saigon_Hanoi Bank Cambodia Plc
37 Sathapana Bank Plc.
38 Shinhan Bank (Cambodia) Plc
39 Taiwan Cooperative Bank, Phnom Penh Branch
40 Union Commercial Bank Plc
41 Vattanac Bank
42 Visionfund (Cambodia) Ltd.

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