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LOLC ATM Card offers you high convenience and security in managing your cash better. With the card, you can perform self-banking transactions with CSS members such as: Cash Withdrawal, Purchase, Balance Inquiry, PIN Change, Mini Statement and Fund Transfer within LOLC/Inter Bank Fund Transfer.  


  • No annual fee
  • Be able to withdraw quickly at any ATM machine and anywhere under CSS members  
  • Free of charge for transaction through ATM & POS under CSS members
  • Save time and reduce expense
  • Safe and reduce risk

Product Features:

Features Descriptions
Initial Deposit or Minimum Balance  
Customer shall be to have balance KHR 40,000 or USD 10 in account  
ATM Transaction Type  
1. Via ATM Machine  
  • Cash Withdrawal /Fast Cash
  • Balance Inquiry
  • Mini Statement
  • Transfer within LOLC/Inter Bank Fund Transfer
  • PIN Change
2. Via POS Machine
  • Purchase
  • Cash Withdrawal
  • Refund 
  • Purchase Reversal 
  • Balance Inquiry
Account condition for request ATM Card  
  Single Account
  Joint Account (Any One Of Us) : Ex: If an account joint there are 2 or 3 people, each customer can request an ATM card by signature or respective thumbprint.
Account Linking to Card  
On ATM Card can link to only one saving account and one customer can request maximum 2 cards by link different of saving accounts as free of charge. In case of  more 2 ATM Cards, customer is required to pay fee to LOLC. 
Amount and Transaction number with CSS member  
 1,000 USD/tran.
 1,000 USD/day
 Transaction 10 times/day
Note: Amount per transaction based on Acquire (ACQ).
Conditions for Required to Fill out the Form LOLC ATM Card  
 In case the customer comes to any LOLC branches to request as following, application form is required.
 First Issuing ATM card
 Request for replacement of ATM Card (Damage or Lost)
 Request new PIN
 Request to cancel ATM Card
 Request block ATM Card
 Request unblock ATM Card
 Request clear PIN code number 
 Request to modify ATM Card 

 Fee Charge:

No Description Fee Charge
1 Any transactions via ATM & POS under CSS members
    Free of charge  
2 Request for ATM Card more than 2 cards  

3 Request for replace ATM Card (Lost/stolen or damage)  

    20,000   ​  
4 Close ATM Card before 3 months  



  • Have Saving Account with LOLC in KHR or USD
  • Attach with valid ID card   

How to apply: 

Visit any LOLC office to apply for the service.   

Download LOLC ATM with CSS Members

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