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SECC Annual and Quarterly Report

By listing corporate bond in the Cambodia Securities Exchange (CSX), LOLC is transparent to the investors by disclosing Quarterly and Annual SECC Report and audited financial statements as below:

  • SECC-Report-Q3-2020 (CIFRS)
  • SECC-Report-Q2-2020 (CIFRS)
  • SECC-Report-Q1-2020 (CFRS)
  • LOLC Annual SECC Report 2019 (CIFRS)
  • SECC-Report-Q4-2019 (CIFRS)
  • SECC-Report-Q3-2019 (CIFRS)
  • SECC-Report-Q2-2019 (CIFRS)
  • SECC Quarterly Report-Q2-2019 (CAS)