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At LOLC, we provide many kinds of loans such as Group Loan, Individual Loan, Loan for Small and Medium Enterprise, Seasonal Loan, Housing Loan, Agricultural Machinery Loan, WASH Loan, House Improvement Loan, Life Improvement Loan Asset Back and Financial Lease. 

The required documents are:

 1. Valid national ID card, family book, marriage certificate and/or birth certificate.
2. Salary Slip, or Income Statement or other documents to support your income (for regular income earners).
3. Soft title/hard title real estate property (in own name or in third party name) as collateral for the loan which is required collateral only. The requirement of soft title/hard title real estate property is optional for consumption loan.

Or you can tell us your phone number, our contact center team will contact you for details.

Please be informed that encouraged to form a group of 2-7 members among their community members.

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