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Fund Transfer

Through FAST, you can transfer:
- Maximum amount per transaction is KHR 40,000,000.
- Maximum amount per day is unlimited.

1. The maximum amount per transaction for account-to-account transfer is:
- LOLC’s counter: KHR 200,000,000 or USD 50,000
- iPay Cambodia App and Internet Banking: KHR 40,000,000 or USD 10,000
2. The maximum amount per transaction for account-to-phone number is ≤ KHR 4,000,000 or ≤ USD 1,000.
3. Maximum amount per day is unlimited.

Please be informed that the maximum transfer amount per transaction and per day through Bakong system are as the following:
A. Basic Customer: KHR 2,000,000 and USD 500
B. Partial KYC: KHR 12,000,000 and USD 3,000
C. Full KYC: KHR 40,000,000 and USD 10,000

Please be informed that FAST service is only available in Khmer Riels currency.

Please be informed that there is no fee charge for FAST.

There are 2 currencies types in RFT service: KHR and USD.

There is no fee charge for all transactions through RFT. LOLC bears all the fee charges for clients.

There are 3 ways to transfer through RFT is:
1. LOLC’s counter
2. iPay Cambodia App
3. Internet Banking

You can perform transactions via Bakong app in KHR and USD currencies.

The transaction types can be performed through Bakong app are as the following:
- Transfer fund between Bakong Accounts (Send)
- Make payment via QR Code (QR Pay)
- Receive money from Bakong Account (Receive)
- Transfer between Bakong Account and Bank Account or E-Wallet (Deposit)

Requirement of using Bakong app:
- Register Bakong app by selecting LOLC without completing application form.
- Have Smart Phone
- Have own phone number

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