Financial Lease

Please visit LOLC website for details:

Please be informed that the maximum size of the financial lease is up to USD 50,000.
For details, please visit LOLC website:

If you want to apply for a financial lease with LOLC, here is the down payment of each movable assets:
1. 10% down payment for motorcycles
2. 15% down payment for tricycles
3. 15% down payment for car type
4. 30% down payment for agricultural machinery
5. 40% down payment for generator type
For more details, please visit LOLC website:

Please be informed that insurance and administration fee is charged from USD 10 – USD 50 per month.
And it is covered:
> Lost, Damages and Compensation to third parties

The financial lease term is from 12 months to 60 months.

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