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Cash Redeem Program

How it Works

Reward Points Program (cashback exchange program) is a special point saving program for iPay Cambodia. Now you can save points in exchange for money through Bill Payment transactions, Phone Top Up transactions, Payment transactions with LOLC Merchant at all partner stores nationwide and Fixed Deposit Opening.

How To Redeem Reward Points :

  • Go to iPay Cambodia and click on LOLC Banking
  • Go to the word "LOLC Rewards" 
  • Go to " Savings Points " can work Redeem points for cash

  • Choose an account in KHR Or Dollar

  • Click on the word " Redeem ", you get money immediately into the account.

Term And Conditions :

Scoring Conditions as per Transaction : 

 Payment transaction with LOLC Merchant, Bill Payment and Phone Top Up

Currency Amount Number of reward points Minimum score Maximum score
KHR 4,000 1 1 20
USD 1 1 1 20
THB 40 1 1 20

Scoring conditions for opening a Fixed Deposit account :

Currency Amount Number of reward points Minimum score Maximum score
KHR 200,000 1 1 20
USD 50 1 1 20
THB 2,000 1 1 20

How To Redeem Points To Cash Back : 

 Redeem points to the following amounts

Currency Number of points Cash size Amounts
KHR 200 4,000 4,000
USD 200
1 1
THB 200 40 40

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ) :

 Q1: What is Reward Points?

Reward Points is a point saving program for customers who use services and products getting point and exchange to balance in your saving account as USD, KHR and THB. The more points you save, the more rewards you can exchange! Interchangeable rewards cash back.

 Q2: What could I redeem my reward point for?

Regardless of where you earned Reward Points, you can redeem to pay for goods and services at any other participating merchants, Bill payment transactions through Search and Pay / Scan KHQR, Phone Top Up transactions, Fixed Deposit Account transactions. ( Fixed Deposit Opening). And you can also redeem point to cash back immaterially according term and condition.

 Q3: Will my Rewards points expire?

Your score is valid until December 31, 2023 and other conditions according to the principles of the church are approved.

 Q4: How could I check my Reward points balance?

You can access LOLC Rewards points if you have already registered for LOLC Mobile Banking through the iPay App.

 Q5: How could I join the program?

  • Customers can download software iPay Cambodia via  App Store Or  Play Store

  • Customers can then register for iPay Cambodia.

  • Finally, customers can link their savings account in iPay Cambodia.

  •  Or call 023 991 991.


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