ATM Cards

Please be informed that in order to request the LOLC ATM card, you can visit the nearest LOLC office to fill in the ATM card application form or contact to our contact center team via 023 991 991. Thank you.

Please be informed that all transactions via ATM card with CSS members are free of charge. LOLC bears all fees shown on ATM screen.

For transactions that you can perform via ATM machine are:
1. Cash Withdrawal/ Fast Cash Withdrawal
2. Balance Inquiry
3. Mini Statement
4. Transfer within LOLC/Interbank Funds Transfer (IBFT)
5. PIN Change

For transactions that you can perform with POS:
1. Purchase
2. Cash Withdrawal
3. Balance Inquiry
4. Refund
5. Purchase Reversal

Fee change of new ATM Card replacement:
(Lost or Damage) is KHR 20,000 or USD 5.

Please be informed that all transactions on LOLC ATM card can be performed in Khmer Riels (KHR) and US Dollars (USD) currencies.
Except for fund transfers via ATM machine which can be performed only in Khmer Riels (KHR).

Please be informed that you can perform ATM transactions with more than 20 CSS members nationwide by simply looking for the CSS sign in front of all partner banks' ATM machine. You can view amount limitation of LOLC ATM transaction via CSS members in below link:

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