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Individual Loan

The Individual Loan (IL) is designed for individual entrepreneurs that need of additional working capital or acquisition of fixed assets. The Target clients of the loan should have small or medium-size businesses which requiring loans up to KHR 40,000,000 or its equivalent.

LOLC’s Individual Loan offers clients a number of key benefits:

  • A reasonable interest rate, calculated based on outstanding balance,
  • Convenient option to apply for and repay loan at nearest LOLC office or any money transfer agents which has been incorporated with LOLC, 
  • Flexible loan terms and repayment plan that are catered to your need.

The Individual Loan (IL) is designed for adapting to the needs of our clients by allowing several options of repayment mode:

  • Fixed installment (monthly interest and principal repayment),
  • Semi-balloon (monthly interest repayment and the principal repayment  based on cash flow analysis and mutual agreement),
  • Annuity, or,
  • Flexible annuity.
Currency Loan Size Interest Rate Per Month Loan Term
KHR up to 40,000,000 reasonable interest rate
3 – 72 months
USD up to 10,000 reasonable interest rate
3 – 72 months
THB up to 400,000 reasonable interest rate
3 – 72 months


Processing fee is charged from 1% - 7% per cycle.


  • Be a majority aged 18 to 70 years old
  • Permanent resident
  • Have a legal business and regular income
  • Have a good record and be reliable
  • Have enough capacity to repay the loan
  • ID card and family book, or resident book, or birth certificate
  • Agree to the loan term & conditions.

How to apply:

To apply for loan, client shall follow these simple steps:

  • Talk to a LOLC staff  in your area or at the nearest LOLC office or via call center 023 991 991.
  • Request a specific amount and term based on your needs.

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