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Did you know that iPay Cambodia allows you to quickly make payments in Thailand from your Riel saving account?

If you travel to Thailand frequently, LOLC has a new solution for you. You can scan and pay with a Riel saving account to any PromtPay partner without having to exchange your money to baht using iPay Cambodia. Additionally, if you are a Thai visitor to Cambodia with a PromtPay bank account, you can scan and pay directly from baht to LOLC KHQR.

How to make payment transactions in Thailand from iPay Cambodia to PromptPay
1. Log in to iPay Cambodia
2. Tap on QR Code (Android) or Scan QR Code (iOS)
3. Scan payment with QR Code with PromptPay log
4. Select KHR account to transfer money out
5. Top up the amount to be paid
6. Select the purpose of transaction
7. Click Pay and then Confirm
8. Enter PIN Code to complete the transaction
9. System will display "Payment Successful"

Terms of payment:
• Only ThaiQR / PromptPay logo on cross-border QR code in Thailand that can be scanned
• Payment can only be made from Riel saving account and Thai QR must be in Thai Baht (THB)
• The maximum amount per transaction and per day is 10,000,000 Riels
• Allow scanning to all PromptPay partners
• Scan payment can only be made with QR Merchant
• The service fee is 1% of the payment amount

Publish date: November 13, 2023

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