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Offer your employees more benefits with this financial institution’s payroll service

Today, a lot of companies rely on banks and financial institutions to manage their employees’ salaries, as it ensures security, time efficiency, and accuracy while also earning high interest on money in those payroll accounts. We would like to introduce companies that are looking for payroll services for their employees to LOLC (Cambodia), one of the leading deposit-taking institution in Cambodia. LOLC Payroll Service offers more than the benefits mentioned above. We provide a payroll management system for Cambodian businesses, companies, and institutions with employees starting at five with a variety of additional benefits, including:

• Get a high interest rate on their payroll account of up to 3% per annum.
• Receive an ATM card that can perform transactions at more than 3,000 ATMs without any charge.
• Get access to mobile banking (iPay Cambodia) that can:

 Perform fund transfers (within LOLC or inter-bank) without any charge.
 Open a fixed deposit account easily to receive a high interest rate of up to 8.88% per annum.
 Perform mobile top-ups, bill payments, loan payments, and other transactions.

Additionally, you will receive services from experienced and professional staffs at LOLC Cambodia. For more information, you can visit any nearest LOLC office in all 25 provinces / capitals. You can also consult and seek additional details by contacting 023 991 991.

Publish date: July 31 2023

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