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Open a fixed deposit with LOLC in Khmer Riels and USD today to earn 8.25% yearly interest!

To continue promoting and motivating our clients and Cambodian people to use saving service, LOLC Cambodia Plc., One of the leading deposit-taking institution in Cambodia, continues to offer special promotions with high interest rates up to 8.25% for savings from 1 year up in Khmer Riels or USD account. This offer is only valid from now until the end of June 2023.

Moreover, for customers who wish benefit from this special promotion, but do not have enough time to visit our branches, you can easily open a fixed deposit account yourself via our mobile banking on iPay Cambodia or visit any nearest LOLC office in all 25 provinces / capitals. You can also consult and seeks additional detail by contacting  023 991 991 every day from  6 am to  10 pm.

LOLC Fixed Deposit Interest Rate:

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