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Get 100% motorbike leasing service with a low interest rate, flexible terms, and excellent service at this leading financial institution

we understand that having a personal vehicle is essential for many people who work or have their own businesses, but the cost also plays a role in their decision to buy a new motorbike. Most financial institutions require some down payment before they allow you to pay in installments.

we would like to introduce you to a motorbike leasing service from LOLC (Cambodia), One of the leading deposit-taking institution in Cambodia, where you can easily apply for a motorbike leasing service with a low interest rate and easy terms and conditions.

LOLC's motorbike leasing service offers 100% of the motorbike's price to meet your needs right away without any down payment. You can repay back in monthly installments that suit your budget. Once you pay off the loan, the motorbike will legally be yours.

To apply for a motorbike leasing service, you can visit any nearest LOLC office in all 25 provinces / capitals. You can also consult and seek additional details by contacting 023 991 991.

Publish date: July 31 2023

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