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LOLC: Proper financial understanding is the key to sustainable growth for our community

On top of committing to deliver outstanding financial services to its clients, LOLC has always focused on sharing financial skills and knowledge with the community as the leading deposit-taking microfinance institution in Cambodia. Without a doubt, on July 11th, 2023, the Sustainability Management Team of LOLC, conducted financial education awareness training to clients and non-clients in Boeng Chrouy Village, Soutib Commune, Cheung Prey District, Kampong Cham Province, on the topic of "Income and Expense".

The topic of "Income and Expense" showed the participants how to increase their income, reduce their expenses, and track their income and expenses properly, especially encourage everyone to save money wisely for their future needs. This way, they can be prepared for any emergencies or unexpected situations that might happen in the future. LOLC team also urges all participants to continue to share this knowledge with their families, relatives, and other people who might benefit from it.

LOLC has never overlooked the younger generation, who is the bamboo shoot and plays an important role in society's development. From what we can see, on August 11, 2023, LOLC organized a seminar on financial education awareness program for Cambodian youth under the theme "Personal Financial Management" for 70 participants of AGA Institute’s student in Phnom Penh.

This workshop also aims to share financial management knowledge and skills to university students to contribute to improve the human resource quality in accordance with the objective of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports. Moreover, it was a chance to share experiences with them about financial management by motivating young people to spend money properly and set a clear and effective financial plan as well as encourage them to save money for future needs as well.

At LOLC, we believe that when people have proper financial understanding, our community will grow far more quickly and sustainably.

Publish date: August 22 2023

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