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LOLC ensures that every employee receives the best opportunities, work environments, and benefits that suit their needs

We believe that every candidate wants to work for an organization that has stable growth, an enjoyable working environment, opportunities to showcase their strengths, and chances to learn more, as well as receive an acceptable salary range and bonuses as compensation to motivate their hard work.

However, the above-mentioned benefits are fulfilled by LOLC, a leading deposit-taking microfinance institution in Cambodia that began operations in 1994 and has gained recognition for providing a variety of outstanding financial solutions that meet the needs of clients.

LOLC is currently providing more than 4,000 jobs to Cambodians across the country, and by working with LOLC, employees not only contribute to helping clients across the country get the best and most reasonable financial service to improve their lives but also contribute to socio-economic development. Employees will also receive various benefits on top of the base salary, including:

1. Khmer New Year Bonus (equal to one-month of base salary)
2. Pchum Ben Bonus (equal to one-month of base salary)
3. Year-end bonus up to 6-month of base salary
4. Seniority payment is provided in accordance to the Labour Law
5. Annual salary increment
6. Medical and hospitalization allowance for staff and family members
7. Other benefits

It should also be noted that these are only some of the main benefits; LOLC still has some additional benefits for its employees according to different roles and responsibilities. Therefore, candidates with a passion and willingness to find jobs or who wish to gain work experience can contact LOLC to get knowledge, skills, experiences, and many other benefits.

For those of you who are interested and willing to work at LOLC, you can find new job opportunities through any of the LOLC channels listed below:

 LOLC Website (www.lolc.com.kh)
 LOLC Official social media:
   - Facebook: LOLC Cambodia HR [ https://www.facebook.com/lolccambodiahr ]
   - LinkedIn: LOLC Cambodia [ https://www.linkedin.com/company/lolccambodia/ ]
   - Telegram: LOLC Cambodia HR [ https://t.me/lolccareers ]
 Contact Number: 081 900 326 / 087 400 277 / 081 600 955.

Publish date: August 22 2023

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