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Fixed Deposit

A Fixed Deposit Account offers a greater rate of return for clients’ commitment in keeping the savings on deposit with LOLC Cambodia for a specific period of time. Clients have the option to withdraw interest at the end of each month or at the end of the term. 


  • Get high interest income
  • Your money will be kept safely and securely
  • Multiple currency choices: KHR, USD and THB
  • Open an account at any LOLC office without service charge

Product Features:

No Features Descriptions
1 Currency KHR, USD, and THB
2 Initial Deposit KHR 200,000,USD 50, THB 2,000
3 Term 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, 12 months, 24 months, 36 months
4 Interest Payment Pay every month end, at the end of maturity.
 5 Deposit Condition  Can be made only one time when opening FD account
 For new deposit amount, customer can open new FD accounts

Account Type  Individual Account
 Joint Account
 Corporate Account
7 Rollover Condition  Non-Renewal
 Principal Rollover
 Principal and Interest Rollover
8 Withholding Tax  Resident 6%
 Non-Resident 14%
 Bank/Microfinance/Government 0%

Interest Rate:

Type Term Individual/Non-Financial Institute
Interest Withdrawal at Maturity 24-36M 7.25%
12M 7.00%
9M 5.75%
6M 5.50%
3M 4.50%
1M 3.25%
Monthly Interest Withdrawal 24-36M 7.00%
12M 6.75%
9M 5.50%
6M 5.25%
3M 4.25%
1M 3.25%

Fee Charge:

No Description Fee charge
1 Request for Fixed Deposit Certificate replacement (lost or damaged) 20,000 5.00 200
2 Close fixed deposit before one month after opening date 40,000 10.00 400

Account Opening Requirement:

  • For Individuals: National ID card, passport, or equivalent document
  • For corporations: Legal ID of authorizer in corporate account, Memorandum and Articles of Association, Business Registration Certificate, Patent, Letter of Authorization or Board Resolution as well as other documents (if available) 
  • For Corporation: 
    - Valid National ID/Passport of signatory(-ies)*
    - Memorandum and Articles of Association*
    - Business Registration Certificate (Digital Form)*
    - Certificate of Tax Registration (VAT)/Patent Tax*
    - Letter of Authorization or Board Resolution*
    - Other documents (if available).

How to apply:

  • Visit any LOLC office to apply for the service or
  • Through iPay Cambodia, if you have saving account
  • Through e-Banking/Internet Banking

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