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Financial Education Awareness Training to Community

On July 11th, 2023, Sustainability Management Team of LOLC (Cambodia) Plc. conducted the financial education awareness training to clients and non-clients in Boeng Chrouy Village, Soutib Commune, Cheung Prey District, Kampong Cham Province in the topic of “Income and Expense”. The topic of “Income and Expense” showed the participants about how to increase their income, to reduce their expenses, and track the income and expenses properly.

Mr. Meas Udom, 40-years-old was a non-client who attended the training said, “I am so happy to attend in this training, I am aware about daily cash flow management for family, and I will share these key massages to my children and nephews/nieces for their financial education awareness. Moreover, I will change my habit by starting to save money from now on for unexpected something or emergencies”.

Publish date: July 11 2023

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