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LOLC’s Child Green Account offers the highest interest rate up to 7.5% per year!

LOLC was known as one of the leading deposit-taking institution in Cambodia, providing a wide range of innovative financial services including Deposit, Mobile Banking (iPay Cambodia), ATM, Fund Transfer, Credit and Financial Lease. LOLC recently introduced a new type of savings account called "Child Green Account”, which is specially created for parents or guardians who wish to plan financially for their children efficiently.

Through LOLC Child Green Account, you will receive high interest rates with fully assurance to meet the financial needs of your beloved children as they grow, such as: education, travel, and future expenses.

You can open a Child Green Account in KHR or USD with interest rate from 5.25% to 7.5% per year.

To open a Child Green Account, you can visit any nearest LOLC office in all 25 provinces / capitals. You can also consult and seeks additional detail by contacting  023 991 991 every day from  6am to  10pm.

LOLC Child Green Account Interest Rate:

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